Elias Hassos

Website of free-lance German photographer Elias Hassos, born in Munich (1968). Hassos makes an imaginative use of colour in his photos, here presented in two portfolios that gather landscapes, portraits and other themes in an interesting way.



At photographer Scott Irvine's website there isn't any information - just a lonely e-mail address and four photo galleries ("gallery", "portraits", "mutter" and "natural history") full of photos that look like they were taken with plastic toy cameras. Anyway, little else is necessary - everything is there, in the images themselves that deserve a detailed visit.


jochen hartmann photography

Website of German photographer Jochen Hartmann. Four photo galleries with simple names ("city", "wood", "digital", "misc") with almost all of their simple images made with a simple Woca (an Holga 120S clone). In this case, however, simplicity is a blessing - Hartmann's images show how versatile a plastic camera can be.


Balazs Borocz

Impressive website of Hungarian photographer Balazs Borocz, mainly centered around a series of self-portraits made using traditional techniques in order to create almost disturbing images, in a personal reality manufactured in each image.


Anton Corbijn

Official website of Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, responsible for some of the best musical iconography of the last twenty years.


Two Visions: Out of Africa

Out of Africa is a photographic portfolio by Hywell Waters, published in Digital Journalist. This portfolio shows the differences between the two types of farming in Zimbabwe, through pictures taken at two different farms, one of commercial farming and other of communal/subsistence farming.


Matt Carr

Matt Carr's website, with two photo galleries, "Portrait" e "Reportage", the first one almost exclusively in colour and the second one completely in black & white.


Michael Ackerman

Photographer Michael Ackerman's webpage at Agence Vu's website. Ackerman has a very personal use of blur and grain, together with his way of looking that makes his work unique.


Andrew Buurman

English photojournalist Andrew Buurman presents in his website his photographic works, from some complete series of photos (including the excelente "Serpentine Swimming Club", awarded by World Press Photo 2003) to his work in portraits and reportage.
(seen at Coincidences)


Erik Refner, Photographer

Website of Danish photojournalist Erik Refner. A well constructed site, with seven galleries (from the Middle East to the Rockabilly culture) that mix colour with black & white in strong pictures that cause impact.
(seen at gasparhernandez)


Sally Mann photographer - tribute page

An unofficial website dedicated to American photographer Sally Mann, with several galleries showing her photographs and giving access to information on her life and work.



clandestina.trips's 24th issue shows 5 portfolios of 5 other cities to explore. One of them is a portfolio of 5 pictures taken at Copenhagen by Paulo Serra, whose weblog, theater des todes, is well worth the visit.
Apart from Copenhagen, this issue of clandestina.trips also features the cities of Seoul (by Giovanni Antico, Italian), Stockholm (by Margarita Solé, Argentinean), Gonaives (by Ramin Talaie, American) and Bangor (by Caroline Moore, American).


Blow-Up: Diane Arbus

«I do feel I have some slight corner on something about the quality of things. I mean it's very subtle and a little embarrassing to me, but I really believe there are things which nobody would see unless I photographed them.»
(Diane Arbus)


Elliott Erwitt

The official website of American photographer Elliott Erwitt. Born in 1928 and member of the Magnum Agency since 1953, it is Erwitt himself who states "I am a professional photographer by trade and an amateur photographer by vocation". A website with several portfolios to explore in detail, from one of the biggest live names in photography.


Angela M. Ferreira

The photographic world of Angela M. Ferreira is a different world, in which the people appear as if in a dream, with illuminated smiles and eyes filled with candour. There is a sensibility in Angela's work that reveals itself in each image, taking us way beyond the photo itself - into a world of white clouds and soap bubbles.

Viagens - Supertatas

Travel photos, from the several places visited by Tatas.


fotograf Paal Audestad

Website of Norse photographer Paal Audestad. Four galleries show us his work, almost exclusively in black & white and in which the human presence is almost indispensable - and captured in an often surprising way.



clandestina.trips - Issue 22 of clandestina.trips is now online. clandestina.trips is an online photo magazine that shows the vision of several photographers on the cities of this planet, five cities on each issue. Issue 22 brings us Ubatuba (Brazil) by Brazilian Flavia de Almeida Prado, Chiang Mai (Thailand) by Argentinian Pablo Damonte, Beijing (China) by Portuguese Filipe Bianchi, Pointe Noire (Republic of Congo) by Finnish Elina Moriya and La Paloma (Uruguay) by Argentinian Francisco Lemos.


James Fee Photography

Website of photographer James Fee. Disturbing images, from a very personal view on a dream-like America to portraits of celebrities, but always with the very peculiar look of Fee.