Edgar Martins - The Diminishing Present

The imagery of The Diminishing Present is less a set of pictures than a series of moments in which spaces, mechanisms, signs, objects and events in the instrumentalist, modified landscape of the contemporary order have become independent of causation or function. It resembles a set of location shots for unmade films from lost scenarios.
(...)This landscape is actual, familiar, always there, and yet imaginary, unseen. It is the other place, which is always
this place, in thesethings; it is there when our backs are turned, while we sleep, or as we drive past in the unconsciousness of speed, in the half-life of routine it is the landscape that survives our absence.
(Osborne, Peter D., The Accidental theorist, in The Diminishing Present, The Moth House 2005)

The Diminishing Present, by Edgar Martins, will be launched today at Galeria Graça Brandão, after the London lauch at The Photographer's Gallery on the 29th of June.


nyclondon.com - Walking The Circle Line

Rob Gardiner, from the nyclondon.com website, took his pinhole and walked along London Underground's Circle Line, taking pictures between each two stations. The result is an interesting, and necessarily slow, view of the city, showing that while you main gain in time by travelling on the underground, you always lose in knowledge of the city above (even more in case you're a visiting tourist).
The several posts related to Rob Gardner's walk are in his blog, under the pinhole tag.


Chema Madoz

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz's surreal humour, in a website with a good collection of his images.


Blues Highway

Blues Highway is a beautiful essay by photographer Bill Steber, with pictures taken along the mythical Highway 61, documenting the living history and tradition of the Blues.



There's a new blog - 'fotoblogs', by a group of friends (in which I'm included) who show pictures of those behind some of the weblogs we like to visit.


MvG Photo

The almost always panoramic vision of Michael von Graffenried is a welcome change in the way we see the world that surrounds us.


Les Stone

Les Stone specialises in chronicling, among others, the effects of war on the populations of several countries. During the last twenty years he has photographed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Kosovo, and many other places. In his website it is possible to see the work he created along the years.


New York Photoblog | Martin Fuchs at Magnum Photos New York

Martin Fuchs, of whom I spoke before on this weblog, is in New York doing a 6-months internship at Magnum Agency - and he created a weblog where he tells his adventure and shares his photos.


Plrds.com - Polaroid Photography Collective

Plrds.com, a website managed by Mike Brodie, gathers a number of photographers that use Polaroids as a means of expression. The number of different visions in this website deserves a careful visit. Additionally, Mike has managed to give also a physical shape to the project: he has already edited two volumes of "Plrds Series", a hand-made book that gathers images from the several members of the website. I received yesterday Plrds Series #2 and it has been a great way of finding very interesting images.


Edmund Leveckis

Through a post in "O Manancial da Noite", I discovered the website of photographer Edmund Leveckis, where he shows us his vision of his city. "New York in black & white, dark, pasty and grainy", says Tiago in his post - and he's absolutely right. I will definitely spend some time browsing through this website.