Edgar Martins - The Diminishing Present

The imagery of The Diminishing Present is less a set of pictures than a series of moments in which spaces, mechanisms, signs, objects and events in the instrumentalist, modified landscape of the contemporary order have become independent of causation or function. It resembles a set of location shots for unmade films from lost scenarios.
(...)This landscape is actual, familiar, always there, and yet imaginary, unseen. It is the other place, which is always
this place, in thesethings; it is there when our backs are turned, while we sleep, or as we drive past in the unconsciousness of speed, in the half-life of routine it is the landscape that survives our absence.
(Osborne, Peter D., The Accidental theorist, in The Diminishing Present, The Moth House 2005)

The Diminishing Present, by Edgar Martins, will be launched today at Galeria Graça Brandão, after the London lauch at The Photographer's Gallery on the 29th of June.


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