Edmund Leveckis

Through a post in "O Manancial da Noite", I discovered the website of photographer Edmund Leveckis, where he shows us his vision of his city. "New York in black & white, dark, pasty and grainy", says Tiago in his post - and he's absolutely right. I will definitely spend some time browsing through this website.


Mark-Steffen Göwecke

Among other galleries, Mark-Steffen Göwecke's website shows us an interesting set of panoramic photographs taken with a Horizon 202. Other of Mark-Steffen's curious projects is his polaroid gallery, in which each photo serves as the basis for the next one, in a big game of self-quotation.


André Kerstész

On the Peter Fetterman Gallery's website there is an impressive photography collection, which includes a considerable number of images by André Kertész, one of my favourite photographers.



At these times when I don't have enough free time to make proper updates to this blog, the occasional visitor has always the possibility of visiting a new place - PhotoDogs, where only dogs dwell, photographed by several different people.


Walker Pickering Photography

On his personal website, Walter Pickering shows three photographic galleries - "Town Lake", which documents the "stretch of the Colorado River that runs through downtown Austin, Texas called Town Lake"; "Musicians", an impressive set of portraits of several musicians with their instruments, with a perfect use of selective focus; and "Mouse", a curious essay on a man "who wears a mouse head all day long"... Walter is also responsible for BeyondMonochrome, a weblog that deserves a detailed visit.


Base Mémoire (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication)

The photo archive of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. On this website it is possible to browse through a very interesting collection of historical photographs, not only of France (which is naturally the country with the greatest number of images), but also from several other countries in the world - including Portugal.

Toycamera.com: Francisco Mata Rosas

Mexican photographer Francisco Mata Rosas's gallery at Toycamera.com, with images taken with (not surprisingly...) toy cameras - Holga, Diana, Ansco Pix Panorama...