Jan Saudek

«At the field of Photography, as same as in Love, everything's allowed.
You can do anything you desire!
You're permitted to shoot your pictures from the respectful distance, you may use various gimmicks, overpay your models, you can come very close (with the camera) to your adored objects, sink to the water (don't forget to emerge!) you can "forget" to pay your model and to short her wages, you may develop your films in river, in hot soup, in fixer - you can run naked and drunk all over your studio, can use all existing types of cameras, old papers, expired films, bad, weak light - you can lose your good manners, hopes, insight - you can fall to sleep during session, overthrow the tripod with the camera, forget your Hasselblad in woods oranythingg you want - but still there are 2 things you must to avoid: you are not allowed to lie - and you mustn't be boring.
That point 1 I try to avoid really carefully - one shouldn't lie at all.
And, as for rule #2: it's up my respectable viewer to tell if I don't...»

(Jan Saudek)