26 things - the international photographic scavenger hunt

To any photographer, one of the more serious problems is the lack of creativity. In a world completely saturated by photographic images, with photography being more and more accessible to everyone, originality is hard to find - when everything seems to have already been done, is it still possible to innovate?

The 26 things project tries to make us see things in a different way - simplify instead of complicate - if it's so hard to find new themes to photograph, why not force us to explore the "old" themes, the ones that have been used to exhaustion? The idea of the project is to take 26 simple themes - "love", "time", "colour", "little things", to name a few - and shoot one photo for each theme during the month of July. On the 1st of August each photographer submits his photos to the website, thus contributing to a big thematic gallery.

Even if one does not submit his photos, it's always an interesting idea as a means to improve one's creativity. One of the themes is "a sunset", one of the more abominable photographic themes, due to the exasperating and exhaustive way in which it has been photographed. Just for the fun of trying to photograph it in a really creative way, I think it will be worth trying to participate in this project.