BZK Group - Covers

From the 17th of July to the 17th of September it will be held in the Cidade de Lisboa room of the Padrão dos Descobrimentos in Lisbon the photographic exhibition "Covers" from the BZK group.

The BZK group was created in 2002 by artists that use photography as a means of expression. With different personal background, they are united by the will to present works of collective creation that can generate aesthetics that won't overcome the individuality of each member.

For this exhibition, the group has created photographic "cover versions" of five songs. It is not, however, a mere "photo-clip", nor an illustration - it is instead the impression on photographic paper of the emotions provoked by those songs.

The BZK Group is:
António Lucas Soares
António Vieira
Bruno Espadana
Luís Farrolas
Mário Filipe Pires